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Enter the Diwali Stamp Design Contest!

Email your creative interpretation of the Diwali stamp to mansi@indiaspora.org and Indiaspora will submit all designs together to the USPS for consideration!

Designs should be sent as a jpeg or pdf file

Check out designs of some Diwali stamps across the world:

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How Can I Help?

Did you know?

Indian Americans can rally behind this initiative in the same way they mobilized to support Indian Prime Minister Modi’s 2014 visit in 2014.  Let’s ride this wave of fellowship to push for a Diwali stamp!

Get Involved.

  • SEND a letter to USPS:  Write an old-fashioned paper letter requesting the Diwali stamp.
  • CONTACT your Congressperson:  Email, call or write your elected representatives and request they pass a Congressional resolution requesting Diwali be recognized with a stamp.

Spread the Word.

  • During your Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s parties over the next few months.
  • Hold a letter-writing campaign to build awareness of the DiwaliStamp.com campaign.

Indiaspora joined the ranks of enthusiasts who called for the U.S. Postal Service to recognize Diwali in time for the October 2016 celebration.

Why a Diwali stamp?

  • Postage stamps are global goodwill ambassadors even in a digital world.
  • The US Diwali stamp campaign was launched by Dr. Shailendra Kumar and pushed with petitions gathered by New York’s Batra family and supported by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

Did you know?

Why the USPS should issue a Diwali stamp

A large Indian community means predicted sales of a Diwali stamp could reach tens of millions of dollars annually.

Proper Recognition

USPS has issued stamps to honor other religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Hanukah, Eid and Kwanzaa.  Issuing a Diwali stamp would place the US alongside many other nations who already print Diwali stamps, including England, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Trinidad, South Africa, Indonesia and India – of course!

Progress to date:

  • Diwali was officially recognized by Congress in ‘07
  • President Obama was the first president to light the diya in 2009.

India and the US are riding a wave of friendship and goodwill following Indian Prime Minister Modi’s historic visit in 2014.  Let’s ride this wave of fellowship to push for a Diwali stamp!

Enhance Positive US-India Relations

Movement of the People

to issue a Diwali stamp

Diwali is a global festival that’s celebrated by more than 3 million Indian Americans and over 1 billion Indians worldwide.


to issue a Diwali stamp



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“We are thrilled to announce that the USPS has confirmed the issuance of a Diwali Stamp to commemorate the holiday.”  

- Indiaspora Founder MR Rangaswami

The Indian-American community has made history! The US Postal Service has announced the release of a Diwali Stamp on October 5, 2016. Indiaspora thanks its allies and partners who worked together on the determined effort to make the dream of the Diwali Stamp a reality. We are especially grateful to our army of volunteers who participated so passionately in the cause. Our community has truly matured and come of age in this great country!

15-year Effort Results in Stamp’s Release

Diwali stamp issued by U.S. Postal Service

Download the entire Press Release

US Postal Service officially released the Diwali Stamp on October 5, 2016!

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Show your Desi pride and make the Diwali Stamp a huge success!